Creative Writing~
Tuesday, January 22, 2013 • 12:00 AM • 1 comments
Assalamualaikum :)

What is 'creative writing'?
=Creative writing is writing that expresses the writer's thoughts and feelings in an imaginative, often unique, and poetic way. Creative writing is guided more by the writer's need to express feelings and ideas than by restrictive demands of factual and logical progression of expository writing.

In other words, writing a story, autobiography and anything of the likes fall into the creative writing category..

We write essays, short stories, novels...
All of those are creative writing...

Creative writing focus on narrative and character development..

Why am I posting about this topic?
It's because I missed writing :(

When I was in lower form, I used to write stories all the time..
Although I never even manage to finish one complete story,
it was fun to let my imagination run wild with words on papers..

Here's one of the stories I wrote 
I never got around to completing it..
This is a rather short one because it only have 2 chapters :P
There were more stories that I wrote but didn't upload it and I have no idea where are they now..

I want to start writing again
but I have no ideas
I have no inspiration...

I hope I can start writing againnnn!!

Please pray for me that I'll get some inspiration 
to write a decent story..
and pray that I can complete it..
I don't want to do things half way any more...

If anyone is interested you can read or post your on stories here:

This are the places where ordinary people like me upload their stories
in hope to get good respond and reviews on their stories
so that they can improve to write better...


Signing off
-Fatini Adlina<3

Wonderland: A magical place filled with different wonders of the world You've step into my wonderland, my world in my perspective <3.




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