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Friday, November 26, 2010 • 9:19 AM • 2 comments
   Hello~ :)
        First post for my blog, Yay me!!... Actually, this is not my first blog. I had a different blog which I rarely update but I couldn't access it anymore since I forgot what is my gmail account..heheh...

So, you guys might be wondering who am I (if there is anyone reading this =.=")..

I am Tiny~...no, my name is not tiny nor am I really tiny (though I wish I was)..My name is Fatini...normally people would call me Tini but somehow it turned into Tiny so now I'm Tiny~~ (the not-so-tiny Tiny :P)

I've just taken my SPM examination a couple of months ago so my free~~ I'm bored and since I have plenty of time to kill, I thought "Why don't I make a blog?"  and so this thought led to the creation of Tini tales. 

Pretty random huh? 
Well, I'm a random person with random thoughts and random interests.

For example....

  • I'm crazy about games especially MMORPG. More specifically the graphics and characters of MMORPG. Used to play TS Online(terminated), O2Jam (terminated), Conquer Online (season 3 is coming soon!!), Audition SEA, SDO-X, HS5, Superstar LIVE, Forsaken World (beautiful graphics), Eden Eternal (currently playing) and probably plenty other games that I don't quite remember...I am a girl gamer~ (a rare species if I might say).

  • I'm obsessed with music!! Actually, this isn't really a random thing since everybody loves music~ but I'm into a variety genre of music...I like rap, pop, hip hop, classical and loads more...The only genre that I don't like is Jazz..I don't know why =,=
    Right now I'm in love with this guy

    A Korean-American violinist, Jun Sung Ahn, also known as JunCurryAhn (as in Jun Korean)...He is so talented~ Check out his videos on Youtube!!

  •  I like watching sports (note on the 'watching' part) Yes, I like watching people playing sports but I hate sports..I dislike anything that requires the usage of energy since I'm such a lazyyy person. Some of the sports that I like watching are Figure Skating, Gymnastics, Swimming and Badminton...

There's a lot more that I want to post about but I'm just too tired already :P So, next time~

Before that, here's a photo of this blog's owner:
I'm tiny, pleased to meet you :D

Signing off
-Fatini Adlina <3

Wonderland: A magical place filled with different wonders of the world You've step into my wonderland, my world in my perspective <3.




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