Weekend events~
Thursday, January 10, 2013 • 10:06 AM • 1 comments
Assalamualaikum :)

After a long wait I am now qualified to apply for a driving license..finally~~
I'm pretty late actually, most of my friends started their lessons last month, whereas I just started a couple of days ago..

Really? If so, then I'd rather drive a sandwich....
Save me from the trouble of having to go through the long process to obtain a car driving license.. >.<

Heck, I haven't actually start driving, I only attended the KPP seminar (a five hour class)
I went with 3 of my friends from school... :D
and I met my ex-cubemate there!! 
Aimieeee, me misses you~ <3

Okay, so the 3 of us decided to go for the computer test together this weekend on Saturday..
We wanted to go together because it's a lot fun than going alone..
The faster we finish the computer test, the faster we can get our L license and start driving!!

In order to prepare for the test, we had to answer 500 frequently asked questions..
When you see this sign, slow down your vehicle, stop before the line (gear in neutral) and continue driving when it's safe.. ;)

I'm proud to say I've finished answering all 500 questions in two days~ ;)
However, there are still a lot of things that I couldn't remember, especially about the sistem KEJARA and the demerits thing..
huuuu, more studying..
At least I have something to do rather than just lazying around the house..
(lie, lie, lie...I still do lazying around)

If I manage to pass the computer test, I'll start my real driving lessons next week!
Yay me~
Again, before the driving there's a 3 hour seminar that I have to attend again....

In a completely unrelated topic, my sister is coming back this Friday~
This is good news for me because I get to make her to cook fried rice for me...muhehehe XD

I like my sister's fried rice because of it's colour..Unlike the usual unappetizing dull colour of fried rice, my sister makes them bright orange, somewhat red..

Kinda like this picture...do you know how hard was it for me to find a picture a fried rice that has this colour?!
Huh, most of them were the light coloured ones..

Still waiting for the return of my PC..huuhhu
missing Eden Eternal :(

Signing off
-Fatini Adlina<3

Wonderland: A magical place filled with different wonders of the world You've step into my wonderland, my world in my perspective <3.




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