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My eyes shot open and immediately I sat up.
I could feel sweat dripping from my forehead.
My heart was racing and I was breathing heavily

My vision was hazy but I could see a warm light from my right..
After awhile, I realised that the light was my night light...
I was on my bed, half covered under my duvet..

Alhamdulilah, I was still in my room
What happen was just a dream, a nightmare
Even so, I could still feel, the eerie cold wind
brushing against my skin.

The feeling was horrifying.
I needed to do something
to get rid of this feeling.

The LED alarm clock sitting beside my night light 
showed that it was 4.00 a.m.
It was still early, but going back to sleep seemed impossible
after that dream..

I pushed away my duvet, got up at slowly made my way to the bathroom.
Turning on the pipe, I performed my ablution.
I washed my hands, my face, my arms , my feet, and other things
that are required.

I looked around my room, searching for my prayer veil.
I didn't bother to switch on the lights because
I find it easier to concentrate in my prayers in the dark.

After finding my neatly folded prayer veil in my closet,
I put it on,
making sure that I covered all the necessary part of my body,
especially not to have my hair sticking out from it..

I placed my sajdah on the floor, facing the direction of the Kaabah.
With the right intention to perform Tahajjud, 
I said out the word of Takbirratul Ihram
and started my prayers.

I read only short Surahs in my prayer, 
as I haven't memorised the long ones...

During my Sujud, I made du'a.
I asked for His Forgiveness..
I asked for longer life
I asked for His Jannah
I asked to be protected from His hell..
As I didn't want
the things happened in my nightmare to be a reality..

 Thoughts of the dream came into mind..
Vivid pictures of me being burned
being surrounded by deadly snakes
being stung by poisonous scorpions
 played in my head...
I cried...

Ya Allah,
I know my sins are so many
and I do not deserve your Jannah
but I beg You
Ya Allah, 
to protect me from the fire of Your hell
as I could never bear
the pain it'll inflict me..

Suddenly I felt pain at me feet..
I couldn't move..
The pain made it way up..
Moving up from my calf, to my thighs, and then my upper body
The pain was unbearable..
It's nothing I've ever felt in my entire life..
Like my skin being torn

Tears kept streaming down my face,
I saw still in my Sujud postion..
Moving even an inch is impossible...

I forced myself through the pain
to move my tougue...
to say these few words..
Ash HaduAllaa Ilaaha Il-lallaah Wa Ash Hadu Anna Muhammadar Rasullulah

As soon as I said those words..
I felt myself smiling
and then
I was gone..
Into a deep slumber..
Which I will never wake up from..

By the time, my family come to look for me
They would see my lifeless body
in my room
on the sajdah...

I'm sorry I haven't been a good daughter
I'm sorry I haven't been a good sister
I'm sorry I haven't been a good cousin
I'm sorry I haven't been a good student
I'm sorry I haven't been a good friend..

The words I want to say, 
I hope it will reach them
Even though I didn't have the oppurtunity
to say them out loud
But don't worry
My Creator has taken me back..
I'll be fine
I hope to see you all
in Jannah
Insya Allah :)

(Fictional story but as a reminder, Allah can take our life any time, so Taubah before it's too late)

Wonderland: A magical place filled with different wonders of the world You've step into my wonderland, my world in my perspective <3.




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