Thank You :)
Sunday, January 27, 2013 • 5:56 AM • 0 comments

Ya Allah,
Thank You for keeping me alive till this day,
giving me the chance to Tawbah
even when I still procrastinate to do so...

Ya Allah,
Thank You for giving me a family
who loves me 
even when I still haven't show them enough 
attention and affection..

Ya Allah,
Thank You for always giving me the best in life
even when I haven't been giving You my best..

Ya Allah ,
Thank You for giving me great friends
who would always be there for me
even when I haven't been there for them..

Ya Allah,
Thank You for not giving up on me
even when I have given up
so many times..

Ya Allah,
Thank You for giving me a perfect, healthy body
even when I haven't been taking care for it 
as well as I should have...

Ya Allah,
Thank You for looking at me
not at my appearance
rather, You look into my heart
and even when my heart is not pure,
You still listen to me,
You still give me the best,
You still help me...

And even though You have given me plenty of things,
in which I could never repay,
I still have the nerves
to ask for more...

Ya Allah,
I ask for Your forgiveness,
I ask for Your light,
I ask for Your guidance,
I ask for Your Taufiq & Hidayah,
so that I will not stray from You,
I thank You, My creator :)

for everything you've given me...

Wonderland: A magical place filled with different wonders of the world You've step into my wonderland, my world in my perspective <3.




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