First Driving Lesson :(
Monday, January 28, 2013 • 6:57 AM • 1 comments

So, yesterday (Sunday)
We had our first driving lesson..
I was super nervous!

and we had to drive out from the training centre
outside, on the real road..
where there's plenty of cars
and lorries
big lorries

Among me and my friends,
I had to go first
I could feel my heart practically jumping in my chest
like they're trying to get out..

Okay, so the first few minutes were fine
a couple of mistakes here and there but nothing too serious
I was starting to get the hang of it
until I had to stop at the traffic light.
more specifically, moving after stopping at the traffic light

I didn't know what happen
probably a case of really bad nerves
I released the clutch too fast
and the car engine died..

The car engine died on the road
at the traffic light..
I was overwhelm by mixed feeling
scared, embarrassed, and others that words could never describe..
So, the road part ended well =.="
when I got out of the car,
I could feel my legs any more

Next lesson was stopping on a hill
My friends said that they had done it before
during the 3 hour practical session
so I thought it'd be pretty easy

Oh, how wrong was I..
it was hard
very hard
I failed miserably a few times
My car rolled backwards when I stop on the hill

because I push the clutch, 
I shouldn't have done that
I was nervous because on the hill you had to push the
accelerating pedal really hard
until the engine made this really loud, uneasy noise
so I started gelabah
got scolded from the teacher countless of time >.<

After a few attempts, I finally got to do it right 
I took the longest time compared to my friends...huhu
I pity the teacher as well
Must have been hard for him to teach me
sorry :(

Plus, it was very hot in car,
Like really hot
My face felt oily
and my clothes were drenched in swear
so unhygienic >.< 

Tomorrow next lesson
pray for me!
desperately need it!

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