Dress to Impress..
Sunday, January 27, 2013 • 9:12 PM • 0 comments
Assalamualaikum! :)

Here's a question for all
Who here worries about what they look like?
 I bet most of us do

Every time we want to go out somewhere
whether it's a grand dinner or simply going shopping
we dig out our entire wardrobe 
to search for that perfect clothes 
to impress people

It has to be of the right colour,
It has to be of the right pattern,
It has to be of the latest fashion.
It has to be of the right cutting,

If it's something that'll make us look fat, 
If it's something that'll make us look short
we would never want to wear it..

Because it'll make us look bad
people would look at think
"Omg, why is she dressed like that? So ugly!"
and we don't want this thoughts of us
going through other people's head

The type of thought that we want is
"Look at that girl, she looks stunning!"

Normally, people would choose to wear something 
that compliments their body shape
skin colour
and other criteria that I myself no nothing of..

We would spend hours on hair and make up
to those in Hijab
They would spent hours on Hijab and make up

We want to look good
We want to be seen
We want to be complimented
We want to impress people with our style of clothing

The question is
who is it that we dress to impress?

Our family?
Our friends?
The whole community?

If these people are our target 
then we have strayed far
from the true path....

There's no problem in wanting to look good
But who are we looking good for?

The correct answer is
We dress to impress Him
To look good for Him
To look beautiful in His eyes
So that He will love us
for dressing appropriately
for dressing the way that He wants us to dress..

He doesn't care if we look fat
He doesn't care if we look short
He doesn't care if our clothes doesn't match
He doesn't care if we dress not following the latest trend
He just doesn't care of all those stuff..

Rather, He looks at our heart
Our deeds,
Our thoughts,
Our problems,

The only thing that He cares about our
sense of clothing is that
we cover our Aurah..

We wear loose clothes that doesn't show off our body shape
We wear long Hijab to cover our bosom
We wear clothes which doesn't catch the attention of Mahrams..

Why does He forbade us from showing off our body?
because He wants to protect us
and He wants us to be respected
for who we are
rather then what we look like..

It's not as easy as it sounds
some people thinks it's easy to change drastically
from wearing ordinary clothes
to wearing the perfect aurah-covering clothes

Because we, women especially,
are easily attracted to pretty clothes
that at one point they won't even care
if it's proper or not..

Even I, just started noticing how tight my clothes are
and how my Hijab is too transparent and short..
But I can't just throw away everything I own
to buy a whole new set of proper clothing

So. right now I'm improvising
I still wear my usual clothes but with different type of Hijab
because Hijabs are cheaper to but buy compared to clothes..
and I started making me Hijab long and loose,
covering up most part of my body
so that the clothes I wear underneath
doesn't seem as tight as it should be..

I told my sister about this and later she said
"betul la mu kato, paka baju tok senonoh pun nampok senonoh bilo pakai tdung labuh"
>.< hehe

Why did I tell her this?
Because she has been fussing about 
how all her clothes are not proper
and that she wants new clothes..

As an alternative to buying new clothes all at once
try wearing long Hijabs
It doesn't perfectly cover our Aurah but it's better..
I'm not consistent, but I'm improving :)

If you want to impress Allah,
Just cover you Aurah,
and you'll be beautiful
in His eyes~

Wonderland: A magical place filled with different wonders of the world You've step into my wonderland, my world in my perspective <3.




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