Key to your life...
Wednesday, February 6, 2013 • 7:17 AM • 0 comments

It's your life
You hold the key to your success
You hold the key to your happiness
You hold the key to your career

It's you life
You hold the key to your failure
You hold the key to your sadness
You hold the key to your future

Use that key wisely
so that you don't end up
regretting your decisions

Protect that key
so that others can't steal it
to take over your life

If you want something
work hard for it yourself
don't take credit
for other people's blood and sweat

If something bad happens
you only have yourself to blame
for not giving your best
and give up easily

If someone says something about you
don't let they get to you
whether it's an insult
or a compliment
because it'll lead to self-destruction
in various ways

You hold the key to your life
Don't open the door for those who 
you don't trust
Keep the door locked
at all times
so that no one will try to sneak in
and ruin everything

You hold the key to your life
Whatever happens in your life
it happens because
it's your choice

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