Valentine's Day?
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Assalamualaikum :)

It's February~
When it comes to this month
most people would be looking forward to one special date
which is 14th February

because it's
Valentine's Day

I, too, look forward to this grand day
not for the celebration
but for the sale and promotion
shopping malls usually hold on in conjunction
to this day >.<
What can I say, I'm a shopaholic~

 Where was I again?
Oh right, Valentine's Day..

At first it was celebrated to honour a Saint
named Saint Valentine
and then somehow it became a day where
people express their love to one another
because the Saint gave a note to a girl
saying "from your Valentine"
and somehow the tradition continue until now

And "Valentine" was also refereed to "greeting cards"
for more info, check out this website

because my motif is not to talk about it's history
or Valentine's Day in general..

Specifically, what I want to talk about is
Valentine's Day in a Muslim's perspective..

It is widely known
that, as Muslims, were are prohibited
from celebrating Valentine's Day
because of the 'Saint' thing

Well, that's one of the obvious reasons why
we can't celebrate it
because if we do, it'd be like
we are honouring Saint Valentine
and so it is wrong to do so

I mean, why would we even want to honour him?
He didn't even do anything for us
in particular, Haha...

And some people would fight back
by saying that the purpose of Valentine's Day
is the day of Love and Peace
why can't we celebrate for such an honourable reason?

There's only Love and Peace for one day?!
Why not make everyday 
for Love and Peace?
So, there's only love and peace on
14th of February
and the rest are what?
Hatred and War?

It's just silly
You have everyday to celebrate
love and peace..
I'm not saying it's entirely wrong
I mean there's Father's Day and Mother's Day
and people would say
"so there's only one day to celebrate your parents?
why not everyday?
same goes for Valentine's Day"

Ok, so this time my argument is invalid

The next reason why I think Muslims 
are prohibited to celebrate this day is because
it causes free mixing between the Mahrams
and would eventually lead to adultery, baby dumping
and so on...
(worst-case scenario)

Even if you don't actually do adultery
It is wrong to even get close to it
As Allah had said in the Al-Quran

"Dan janganlah kamu menghampiri zina, 
sesungguhnya zina itu adalah satu perbuatan yang keji 
dan satu jalan yang jahat (yang membawa kerosakan)."
 (Al-Isra' 17:32)

"And do not approach unlawful sexual intercourse.
 Indeed, it is ever an immorality and is evil as a way."
(Al-Isra' 17:32)

Meaning you can't even do anything
that has the probability of
leading towards Zina
including thinking about your lover at all times,
looking at them all the time
 talking between Mahrams about
things which are not beneficial ,
much less, holding hands and other stuff

In Islam, the only sensual form of love 
allowed and encouraged
is the love between Husband and Wife 

However,  Valentine's Day does not promote love 
between husband and wife.
It basically promotes extramarital relations 
which are not allowed in Islam

And another thing is that
people would normally choose this day
to confess their love

Did you know?
When you like or love somebody
and you try really hard not to tell them
it's called Jihad

and you receive Pahala
for keeping that feelings to yourself
and not telling anyone about it

If you really like that person
Make Du'a
if that person is the right one for you
Allah will put your hearts together
and you'll be happily married together

not a couple
or any of those temporary relationships

If you really want to love and be loved
just get married
it's better to get married at an early age
rather than spending years
committing sins with your lover..

Plus, it's a waste of money..
Baik simpan duit tu,
Pergi Haji or Umrah together
after getting married >.<

So, you can see now 
why Valentine's Day is prohibited
If you still want to celebrate it,
I have nothing else to say
just remember, that Hell's fire
is nothing like on earth...

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